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Built as a cross-sector strategic partnership, the Erasmus+ funded project KeyActs aims at the creation, piloting and dissemination of a training methodology based on Sports for the promotion of key competences among disadvantaged adult learners, not only in the countries represented by the participating organisations but all over Europe.

Coordinated by the Club Deportivo de Judo Finisterre Laguna de Duero, the project brings together partners from motherland Spain, neighboring Portugal, central Germany and physically farthest Bulgaria, to support the exchange of best practices in the adult education sector, targeting professionals/trainers/coaches who work with socially disadvantaged adults in many different fields (immigrants, refugees, NEETs, ESL, rural women, victims of violence, disabled people, ethnic minorities, etc.) and adult learners themselves, as final beneficiaries of the shared learning process.

Aimed at the creation of an online Training Toolbox for Adult Education Providers, KeyActs intends to offer training sessions meeting the diverse needs and realities of disadvantaged adults across Europe, covering topics that go from Human Rights to employability, both to prevent social exclusion, empower social education providers and promote communal cooperation in the wider sense possible on this field.

Having officially started in October 2020, KeyActs has already completed its six-month anniversary, with all main activities taking place online so far. Contradicting the effects of the pandemic, the project has been overcoming the current circumstances which make it even more relevant nowadays, with so many living in increasingly precarious situations.

The project involves the following partners:

Associação para a Educação de Segunda Oportunidade (PT)

Ayuntamiento de La Cistérniga (SP)

BIDA e.V. Kultur und Bildung (DE)

Club Deportivo de Judo Finisterre Laguna de Duero (SP) – Project Coordinator

Escola de Judo Nuno Delgado (PT) – associated partner

Humanity and Longevity Ltd. (BG)

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