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Nessletter III



The Second Chance School of Matosinhos hosted the third Transnational Meeting of the project “KeyActs”, with the participation of Bulgaria, Spain and Germany.

The project “KeyActs” has as main objectives:

  • Support disadvantaged learners by providing non-formal education through sport training and guidance, as a way of preventing social exclusion;

  • Empower and strengthen the role of adult trainers, exchanging best practices on sport pedagogical approaches, making them able to deal with diversity in non-formal learning environment;

  • Build close cooperation between civil society, youth and sport organizations, local authorities and the private sector to ensure the active participation of all members of the learning community in acquiring key competences;

  • Involve the wider community in the promotion of EU strategies for LLL (life-long learning) and social inclusion of disadvantaged adult learners.

The approach of Education Through Sport (ETS) is fully part of the lifelong learning process, which could achieve an impact on the development of a knowledge-based society by enabling citizens to improve their knowledge, skills and attitudes. It is meant that the development of each individual’s competences contributes to the achievement of a sustainable social change – for example, combating unemployment, discrimination and racism, social exclusion or poverty and marginalisation.

KeyActs addresses the gap in the acquirement of key competences by adults in disadvantaged situation in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain and Portugal, reflecting on the importance of extra-curricular aspects of the ETS in view of the emergence of the contemporary multicultural Europe, in a multi-actor’s approach.

All partners of the International Project “KeyActs” continue to work together in order to achieve the same objectives that they set themselves at the beginning of this project with.

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